We’re Electric Clothing! An apparel curation dedicated to you, city walking, club-hopping, defiant night crawler. For the sun lover, bass jumping free soul… If you’re a real live wire looking to stand out from the crowd, we have an outfit from you. If you’re a festival junkie, a burner, an egirl,a raver, a dj, or a performer, we have the outfit for you. We focus on high quality brands that celebrate the art and artist, and do our best to ensure that if you’re looking for sustainable fashion, you can find it here.

We curate eyepopping and electrifying outfits for people looking to stand out of the crowd. From LED integrated clothing, to psychedelic art, to raw organic cuts, we have you covered. 

Some more examples of our product line, coming soon:

  • Rave Outfits
  • Catsuits
  • Fishnet Stockings
  • Kawaii Clothing
  • Body Harness
  • Platform Shoes
  • Booty Shorts
  • Thigh High Socks
  • Bell Bottoms
  • Rainbow Clothing
  • Assless Chaps
  • Kandi Bracelets
  • Pleated mini skirts
  • New Year’s Outfits
  • LED Clothing
  • Mesh Dresses
  • High Waisted Thongs
  • Suspender Skirts
  • Two Piece
  • Mesh Bodysuits
  • Rave Masks
  • Light Whips
  • Light Toys
  • Galaxy clothing

As with all brands associated with The Void Group, LLC we give back to the world with every purchase. Please see our “Giving Back” page, Coming Soon, for more information